May 13, 2020

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Odessa Christiana blog post manifesting first book

On a warm, somewhat typical Palm Springs day, about two years ago, a girl was out for her
daily walk. She was enjoying the slight breeze, the striking fuchsia blooms of bougainvillea and
the occasional butterfly crossing her path when suddenly out of nowhere, the words
“MANIFEST ABUNDANCE” took over her thoughts. She heard them loud and clear, head to
toe, over and over again. In minutes an idea rapidly developed. She must write a book on how
to set up and run a successful vacation rental.

Strange? No, not really. This woman had achieved a large amount of success in the industry
already and the call was received to share her knowledge to help others do the same. You see,
this particular girl never really played by “the rules”. She had learned that to stand out in the
rental business, you need to both be unique and offer your guests an experience they can’t find

She took this call to action and hustled home where she spent the next few hours banging out
the entire outline to her book.

Hi world! I’m Odessa Christiana and that is my own true story…well a tidbit anyway. I’ll share
more with you as time goes on. For now I’ll tell you the last couple years of writing that book and
bringing it to fruition has been quite the adventurous learning experience!

Today I’m bursting with joy as I launch a brand new beautiful website, my “how-to” vacation
rental book, No Vacancy and my corresponding course, Super Broke to Super Host.
These products were created with a deep passion and purpose for my work and I’ll be delighted
to hear my clients’ feedback.

I invite you to take a look around my website and get to know me a little. My overall mission in
life is to inspire and empower others to step into their greatest potential and create a life they
love. Maybe one of those people I’m led to help is you!
Here’s a heartfelt gift from me to you.


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Odessa Christiana - Author of No Vacancy

Hi! I’m Odessa Christiana!

I see you there dreaming of a better life, one where you get to do exactly as you wish every single day! Where health, wealth and happiness come easily to you.

Not long ago, I was there…wishing and wanting. Then I was reminded of my superpower – my imagination. I made a decision to trust and believe in myself. I haven’t looked back since.  Today I’m a mindstylist extraordinaire and the vacation rental queen!

I’m looking to guide those of you who are willing to trash your excuses and take the driver’s seat of your life!

I believe life is a playground filled with wondrous delights we should all enjoy. Let’s get rich, healthy and happy together! Let’s make it the “new normal”! I’d love to have you in my community of magic makers! 

Whether you’re already a rockstar business owner or you’re wanting to pursue your passion, my private FB group The Imaginarium for Dreampreneurs is an incubator for imagination and a network of support to share dreams, ideas and wins!

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I created a beautiful template that will guide you through writing a “love letter” to yourself. This will stimulate your mind and help you dig into your soul’s desires. I’ve infused it with a lot of love and positive energy – trust me, this is a powerful first step in unlocking your potential.



Are you ready? I mean REALLY ready to go out into your BEST life right now? You have been gifted an incredible downtime. A time you have always wanted – to rest, to catch up on projects, to start a new business, to learn something new, to tune up your body, to work on who you are as a human to design your life. Are you truly utilizing this precious time? Are you bettering yourself? I challenge you to get brutally honest with yourself now.



Do you dream of being a savvy Airbnb host — one whose profits pay the mortgage and then some??

NO VACANCY is your roadmap for setting up and running a successful vacation rental, no matter your background, knowledge of the real estate market or if you are already a host who’s struggling to gain bookings.



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