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Persistence of Memory

As my feet embraced the hot pavement this morning (yes I do walk in the Palm Springs summer months) I thought of the famous Dali painting, the one of the melting clocks. "Where does the time go?", we often say. It appears to melt before our eyes! When I put up this site a few years ago, I had good intentions of writing to the world (or whoever will listen to me) more often than every 3 years! Well I'm back now and the last 3 years has been quite a ride! I plan to share some of my tales in future posts but today I just want to say hi, I'm still here...and I aim to be for a long long time! I will be giving this website a do over very soon...I have many other projects to share. I will always love to create art, fashion and style but I've come to the realization that I'm a girl who wears a menagerie of hats and I may as well stick a huge plume in each one! (in Ms O's language, that means I go overboard with everything I do). Please do stay tuned! Cheers! O

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