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Persistence of Memory

As my feet embraced the hot pavement this morning (yes I do walk in the Palm Springs summer months) I thought of the famous Dali painting, the one of the melting clocks. "Where does the time go?", we often say. It appears to melt before our eyes! When I put up this site a few years ago, I had good intentions of writing to the world (or whoever will listen to me) more often than every 3 years! Well I'm back now and the last 3 years has been quite a ride! I plan to share some of my tales in future posts but today I just want to say hi, I'm still here...and I aim to be for a long long time! I will be giving this website a do over very soon...I have many other projects to share. I will always love to create art, fashion and style but I've come to the realization that I'm a girl who wears a menagerie of hats and I may as well stick a huge plume in each one! (in Ms O's language, that means I go overboard with everything I do). Please do stay tuned! Cheers! O

Here I Am

Arriving to right now has been a long adventurous road to say the least. Through many twists and turns, last year brought me much closer to myself. My very good self that is, the one that takes care of ME! For years I had envisioned a lovely site where my artwork, fashion, inspiration and thoughts on life could come together. 2015 was a year that pushed my boundaries to a new level of growth which enabled me to put together this site as well as a large handful of other accomplishments.

My Events and Shoots pages are a compilation of my art and fashion. I wanted to share a portfolio of my best works and projects which I am proud to showcase. Shop Fine Art takes you to a collection of my silk paintings which I have digitally enhanced to bring a selection of high quality art prints to my clients. Shop Vintage Art is an incredible selection of vintage artwork, most of which was created in the 1930s-1940s by my Grandfather, Frank Edward Poole and his brother Robert Jerome Poole. The Seed Genie is my newest labor of love! Beautiful customized seed packets for events and business promotion. 

Through my years on this planet, I have grown into my own philosophy on life. In my following blogs I will share my insights, passion, motivation and stories well seasoned with a sense of humor and a sprinkle of sarcasm here and there. If you enjoy my writings, I'd love to hear from you. (If you don't, well stop reading!) My wish is to inspire and empower others by sharing a piece of myself.  Yours truly, Odessa Christiana 

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